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Cordless Bamboo Shade

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Product Description

Fill your home with the natural beauty and warmth of bamboo

  • Made from the highest quality real bamboo matchsticks
  • A variety of styles and privacy levels - from elegant farmhouse to costal staycation to rugged traditional
  • Gorgeous flat roman folds, matching valance, and durable construction

Measure & Install

For Inside Mount

Measure the size of your window opening.

Factory will make the necessary deductions (⅜”); do not make your own deductions.

  • Minimum Depth Required for Installation: 1 ¾”
  • Flush Mount Depth: 2 ½”

For Outside / Wall Mount

Measure the size you wish the actual blind to be.

The blind will be true to size; the measurements you select will be the actual blind size.

Recommended Size:

  • Add additional 4” to window width, to ensure full overlap.
  • Add additional 9 ½” to window height, as shade’s stacked height is 9 ½” even when fully closed.

Fabric & Privacy Level

Sheerness Privacy

Modern Wood




Natural Wood

100% natural bamboo | Woven on hand fed looms | Kiln dried for consistency

Single layer (no liner) | Genuine roman shade

Slight difference in color and texture is normal with natural woven materials. Colors may change slightly over time due to exposure to light.


Care Instructions

Use a feather duster or vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Use a clean sponge and only mild soap safe for wood. Wring out excess water and keep dry.

Use a clean towel to wipe the shade dry, or a hair dryer when necessary. Properly drying your shade keeps the wood in good condition.

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