Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shade: Blackout

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shade: Blackout

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Experience the perfect fusion of style and precise functionality.

  • Modern Minimalism: The extra-large cells provide a chic, clean look, bringing a touch of contemporary elegance to your space.
  • Effortless Cordless Control: With cord-free operation, easily adjust your shades for optimal light and privacy without clutter.
  • Light-Free Retreat: These shades are masterfully designed to block out all external light, ensuring restful sleep and maximum privacy.
  • Top Down Bottom Up Flexibility: Customize your light and privacy precisely by adjusting both the top and bottom of the shades independently.

Inside Mount:

  1. Measure the depth of the top window frame; allow at least 1 ¼ for bracket installation. The bracket attaches to the top, not the sides.
  2. Measure the width inside the window frame, from jamb to jamb.
  3. Measure the height inside the window frame, from the top jamb to the windowsill.
  4. Use the shortest width and the longest height measurements.
  5. Order blinds or shades in the actual window size; no deductions needed. Our factory will already make a 3/8" width deduction. 

Outside Mount:

  1. Measure and order the blind or shade to be the exact size you desire, ensuring it is both wider and taller than the window.
  2. The width should be 4 inches wider than the window (2 inches on each side) to ensure no light enters from the sides. Alternatively, the width can align with any window molding.
  3. The height should allow a minimum of 2 inches above the window for bracket installation. To fully clear the window when open, add 6 inches above window.

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless

  • Minimum Width: 19"
  • Maximum Width: 72"
  • Minimum Height: 24"
  • Maximum Height: 84"

Single Honeycomb Cells (5/8")

Production Lead Time: 1 to 2 Weeks.

Ships via Fedex Ground, from San Diego, California.

  • Free shipping to continental USA
  • Hawaii and Alaska shipping is available for $125 per order (limit of 10 shades)

Courtesy rush may be requested but is not guaranteed. Express shipping is available for an additional fee (only recommended for East Coast):

  • FedEx Overnight - $39.99 per shade
  • FedEx 2nd Day - $24.99 per shade

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Product Description

Enjoy 100% blackout and privacy, along with designer finishes and energy savings

  • Extra large 1.5" honeycomb cells made from top grade polyester
  • Keeps your home insulated by forming air pockets that trap heat and cold
  • Choose from designer approved colors. Color coordinating head rails and bottom rails for a refined finish

Measure & Install

For Inside Mount

Measure the size of your window opening.

Factory will make the necessary deductions (⅜”); do not make your own deductions.

  • Minimum Depth Required for Installation: 1 ⅜”
  • Flush Mount Depth: 2 ⅛”

For Outside / Wall Mount

Measure the size you wish the actual blind to be.

The blind will be true to size; the measurements you select will be the actual blind size.

Recommended Size:

  • Add additional 4” to window width, to ensure full overlap.
  • Add additional 6” to window height, as shade’s stacked height is 6” even when fully closed.

Fabric & Privacy Level

Single Honeycomb Cells (1 ½")



Care Instructions

To keep your cellular shades looking pristine and new, regularly vacuum them with a brush attachment. Swipe across in horizontal strokes following the pleats.

If you notice dust inside the cellular honeycombs - use a blow dryer (in low, cool setting) to blow it out. Do not use warm or hot air. You can also use a can of compressed air.

If you need to remove stains, you may spot clean your shades, but be gentle and do so infrequently. Use water or mild soap with a damp cloth. Do not use strong liquid detergent or spot removers. Carefully wipe or blot the effected area. Blot dry with another clean cloth. Do not scrub the fabric or submerge the shade in water.